NiteFlite Entertainment...

Come fly with us.

NiteFlite Entertainment is an entertainment, corporate events, branded entertainment, talent agency and events management service unit. Our core values revolve around a multi-service entertainment platform with a strong social commitment.

We aim to continue to diversify into other areas of opportunities, like movies and music, where there is a strategic and synergistic complement to our existing businesses. NiteFlite Entertainment knows no traditional boundaries. We are trendy, dynamic, flexible, fast, efficient, fun and motivated.

We Create Experiences

NiteFlite Experiential is not just a tasty sampling event, nor a pretty brand experience. It's the burning fire at the very core of any consumer marketing campaign and we use every 'tool' at our disposal, including social media and clever technology, to fan the flames.

Well created and expertly delivered Experiential Marketing focuses on the customer's physical as well as emotional experience to build deeper loyalty. No matter how good an idea is or how well it is pitched, you simply can't make a square peg fit the round hole, in other words if it doesn't follow the rules, you’ll never see the benefits of Experiential Marketing.

Where Traditional marketing fails to determine the sensory, emotional, cognitive endurance, behavioral, relationship needs of consumers, Experiential Marketing has philosophy, neurobiology, psychology and sociological theory, to connect and reach out to the consumer. For the best experiential you need the most experienced team. 

Connect Us

Accra:   7, Peace Close, Kokrobite Beach, Accra, Ghana.     (+233) 26 292 9455
Lagos:   1, Olaseni Diyaolu Street, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.     (+234) 708 447 7106