• Coat of Many Colours!

  • Learning ought to be fun!

  • Learning is better by guided discovery

  • Role playing aids understanding

  • Educational trips give life to abstract concepts

  • Discovery is the result of hands on learing

  • Enhanced co curricular activities


Promoworld Educational Consult is an integrated educational consultancy specializing in curriculum evaluation and development, educational tours, external linkages, intra disciplinary coordination and training for teachers and educators.

We integrate the use of extracurricular activities and new technologies with traditional teaching methods to achieve a well rounded educational package that prepares pupils to meet the demands of dynamic academic and work environment that they will ultimately find themselves.

We invite you to evaluate how we work with you to achieve this.

Our Company

Results from an informal survey carried out by Promoworld Educational Consult has revealed that pupils’ attention span in the classroom is dwindling. It has become more evident than ever that effectively programmed and coordinated multi-disciplinary activities and exercises are the only activities that command pupil’s attention for a considerable length of time.

It has also been observed that more effort has to be put in the dissemination of knowledge in order to get a pupil educated and prepared for the purposes of the promotion of academic excellence and resource optimisation.

In view of this, we have developed special seminars and interactive sessions for teachers of nursery classes to primary and Junior Secondary School classes. This is organised to enhance their performance and impact on the pupils they teach, which further projects the image of the school and keep it competitive among its peers in the educational sector.

It is our belief that leaning ought to be fun and that is precisely what we do!

What We Do

Clients come to Promoworld Educational Consult for strategic solutions. Since inception we’ve worked for an ever increasing number of satisfied clients who have enjoyed our unique services in diverse areas such as:

* Assessment and evaluation of educational needs of client institutions
* Evaluation and upgrading of infrastructures
* Recruitment and interview of staff
* Evaluation and upgrading of staff skills

* Development of curriculum and recommendation of necessary adjustments in facilities and staffing
* Integration of curriculum to meet desired level of effectiveness
* Recommendation and adjustments to new trends in global curriculum scope

* Evaluation of existing curriculum and recommendation of necessary adjustments
* Integration of curriculum to meet desired level of effectiveness
* Recommendation of new trends in global curriculum content

* Recruitment & Interview of staff
* Training and upgrading of staff
* Introduction of new skills
* Retraining of staff for new curriculum requirements
* Organizing special retreats for staff prior to resumption for new term or academic year

* Development of curriculum and recommendation of necessary adjustments to help teachers cope with pupils with learning difficulties
* Provision of extra support for the pupil in the development of communication skills
* Helping pupils cope with emotional stress
* Developing individual education plans to meet pupil's learning ability

* Linkage of institutions with corporate bodies and other institutions
* Packaging of special events for institutions
* Organizing exchange programs for staff and pupils

* Packaging of excursions to educational sites
* Organizing exchange programs for institutions
* Organizing holiday and weekend camps
* Organizing tours to other countries during vacation


Our Events

Coat of Many Colours

The PROMOWORLD EDUCATIONAL CONSULT is organising a Parents’ Enlightenment Programme titled "COAT OF MANY COLOURS” to be held at British Council Accra on Friday, 27th July, 2018. The programme is strictly by invitation.

This programme is organised to address issues affecting the "Underachieving or Non- performing child," especially regarding necessary supports that are beyond the parents and the school.

Our years of working and providing support for schools in the areas of consultation and Teacher Support for effective development of Individual Education Plans (IEP) for children with Learning Difficulties (LD) has revealed certain issues to us, especially that of poor involvement of parents due to lack of understanding of the child’s condition, and potentials to be unveiled with proper understanding and giving the right support.
These have called for this carefully planned event.

Ghana Education Service (GES) in the last two years has been promoting “An All Inclusive Structure of Education” for all schools in the country.

We are bringing on board practitioners in various relevant fields to enlighten and address issues of concerns.

Details of the programme are as stated below;
VENUE: British Council, Accra
DATE: Friday, 27th July, 2018
TIME: 5.00P.M – 7.00P.M

Our Clients

Since inception we’ve worked for an ever increasing number of satisfied clients who have enjoyed our unique services including:

* Alphabeta Education Centres, Accra, Ghana
* The Vision School, Accra, Ghana
* Kiddie Class Education Centre, Accra, Ghana
* Anbel School, Accra, Ghana
* St. Rebecca Montessori School, Accra, Ghana
* Handmainds International Catholic School, Lagos, Nigeria
* Tojosam Nursery & Primary School, Lagos, Nigeria
* Priesthood Academy, Accra, Ghana
* High Class International School, Accra, Ghana
* Spring Board Pre School, Accra, Ghana
* Little Miracle School, Accra, Ghana
* Immaculata Schools, Ilorin


Pictures from our varuious areas of competence and events are available here. Use the navigation to view pictures from the selected area.

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GHANA: 7, Peace Close, Kokrobite, Accra, Ghana
Telephones: (+233) 27 774 8891, (+233) 26 292 9455
Email: educational@mcrufusinteractive.com

Lagos:1, Olaseni Diyaolu Street, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.
Telephones: (+234) 70 8447 7106, (+234) 81 2407 2652
Email: educational@mcrufusinteractive.com

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